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Dirghajeevi Voluntary Group is a fully self-funded organisation and therefore relies on the generous support of the community.

Childhood cancer presents many challenges for the child and their family. It affects not only the child but their brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, friends and the whole community.

Please help us make the cancer journey easier for these families and children fighting with cancer !.

History & Background

At first Dirghajeevi was known as 'Chiranjeevi Voluntary Club'. (1998)
A group of volunteers then organized it as NGO in order to make its services more systematic. (2006)

Before registration the voluntary service had being going on for the last seven years under the name of Chiranjeevi Voluntary Club established by Ms. Melody Gage in 1998 with the intention of providing the necessary supports to the children under the Oncology Ward, suffering from cancer at Kanti Children's Hospital. This volunteering service was given continuation by Mr. Padam Lal Maharjan.

Mr. Padam Lal Maharjan with a volunteer at Kanti Children's Hospital.