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Dirghajeevi Voluntary Group is a fully self-funded organisation and therefore relies on the generous support of the community.

Childhood cancer presents many challenges for the child and their family. It affects not only the child but their brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, friends and the whole community.

Please help us make the cancer journey easier for these families and children fighting with cancer !.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Dirghajeevi Voluntary Group(DVG) provides ongoing and practical hands on support for children living with cancer, and their families'

1. What is the background of all the members?

We all are young energetic youths with a very spirit of serving minds.
Most of us are from Social work student background and few are of sociology and media professionals.

2. Will there be a collaboration with the oncologists for medical care?

Yes there will be in near future and good news is that, the senior oncologists of the ward is interested in our work. Our Projrect is very new and different to the society.

3. With other words, what happens if an emergency occurs or home medication or other 'residual' care after discharge from Hospital needs to be provided. Will there also be professional psychological help for the children?

This is our very first expereince of establishing the Courage Home (Home of Hope) and so as the idea of emergency need, but we have been talking to the doctors and trying to collect the suggestions from them. We only welcome the children those who have completely finished their chemotherpay and maintainance cycles, and has spend their 5-6 months with parents.

4. Furthermore, you told me that orange ribbon also would like to donate and help.
Do you know if they already agreed?

Actually, Orange Ribbon International had already donated us for the establishment of the Courage Home and now currently they don't have the enough money for us to send.they are appreciating our work of Courage Home and childhood cancer awareess program as well.

5. Will there also be the possibility of their parents staying at the courage home?

Currently that is quite difficult to have both child and parents at Courage Home for 4 months.
We would like to mention 1 example for it:
A mother told us that she is interested to keep her daughter with us but she cannot be with her daughter at the mean time because she need to work for the future daily needs. Most of the children are from the poor background and their parents has to loose a lot of money and their lands even, to treat their child. they would most probably love to keep their children at Courage Home but they themselves will have to work for making money.